Fat Secret

First of all, it's www.FatSecret.com.  And let me just say up front, I hate, hate, hate the name of the this website.  That said, I love, love, love this website.  I'm going to tell you all about it and they're not compensating me at all - nada.  The first thing I love about this website is that it's FREE.  There is nothing to buy, no fee to pay.  I love the idea of keeping track of what I eat but I hate the process.  This website allows me to quickly look up a food from their data base, adjust the portion if I need to, and with a click, enter it into my tracker.  I adds the calories, the protein, the carbs and the fat and even shows me a pie chart so I can see if I might like to add more protein to my day. They have challenges, communities, groups, an area to journal if you'd like to do that.  You can also track your physical activity for the whole day if you're into that.  I don't own a fancy phone (yeah, I have a "mom" phone that I don't even turn on unless I need to call home) so I access the site from my home computer.  I'm sure there are phone aps that do all this but I'm happy with my set-up just as it is.  One last thing, there are also recipes on the site.  Some are not "diet" specific.  They are available for you to add to your own "cookbook" on the site.  When you consume a portion of one of these recipes,  FatSecret already knows the details for one portion and you can add it straight onto your tracker.  For example, I specifically submitted a Chocolate-Pumpkin Protein Smoothie that I make simply to make it easier to add a portion of it to my tracker when I drink one for lunch. If you're keeping track of what you eat for any reason at all - weight loss, weight gain, maintenance or just for general health, I highly recommend you check into www.FatSecret.com.


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