Late Summer

Now that my eternal personal Summer's are long past, I can say without hesitation that I LOVE Summer.  I love being playing outside in the garden getting all sweaty with dirt under my nails. I love growing flowers and berries and tomatoes and sunflowers. I avoid trouble-makers like yellow jacket wasps and I've made my peace with native honey bees - I work alongside them, they don't sting me. I don't even mind that a momma rabbit had two litters of babies in a warren she dug in my garden patch and ate half of my strawberry plants. I'll try a planter arrangement for the strawberries next year. I don't fight tomato blight any more - I grow patio tomatoes in pots and have a steady stream of small tomatoes all summer. Does all this have something to do with my age? I feel sad to feel the autumn creeping in slowly, summer slipping away day by day. Does the Summer represent what's left of my youth and vitality? Does approaching cold Winter with it's dark mornings and short days remind me that more than half of my life is gone? I plan to blissfully squeeze every last bit of Summer as hard as I can...


Oh Summer, how I'll miss you!




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