Blackberry Jam - Summer in a Jar

I made 4 more small jars of blackberry jam today. But this time I didn't use extra pectin from the grocery store.  I didn't care for the texture of the jam I made when I added the extra pectin. It seemed too much like cranberry jelly for my liking. I collected a basket of blackberries from my "Chester" thornless blackberry bush and added them to a batch I'd stashed in the fridge. I guess I had about 6 cups altogether. I rinsed them well several times, added an inch of water and boiled them down. Then they went through my grandmother's ancient food mill to remove the seeds.  I added two cups of sugar and a pat of butter (to keep it from foaming) and boiled it down to a nice thick syrup. After I sterilized the jars in boiling water for 10 minutes. I poured the liquid jam into a measuring cup so I had a nice spout to work with. Then I poured the jam into the jars and processed them for another fifteen minutes at a nice high boil. When they cooled I heard a nice, tinny "pink" as they sealed all nice and tight. Ready to go into a nice basket of scones at Christmas time, when my blackberry canes are heaped with icy snow. Summer in a jar!


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