Did you Imagine 8 Years Ago?

My husband and I had a nice time with my daughter and two of our grandsons yesterday

My daughter had been telling the almost four year old about looking for shells and sea glass.

We had lunch, watched  fishing boats, the seagulls and airplanes and then walked the beach.

And ran the beach and chased seagulls

Of course, a little rock-throwing was involved.  Where else can an 18 month old throw rocks?

And only on an outing with Grandma do you get to eat and ice cream as big as your head.

So this morning over coffee, my husband and I laughed about some of the antics yesterday.  The almost four year old's rendition of The Grand Old Duke of York (he has a British pre-school teacher) and his version of The Pledge of Allegiance.  How long a reach the baby has and how fast he can get to whatever he wants.  Every time we spend time with our grandchildren we're amazed at how much we love these kids and just how quickly they changed our lives.


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