The Most Beautiful Bean

Adding height to a late summer/early fall garden is easy with Hyacinth Bean vines. Think "Jack and the Bean Stalk" - yes that kind of growth!  I put two tall obelisk shaped tuteurs in a front garden bed. One got more sun than the other and achieved more magnificent growth and flowers. Neither one of them disappointed me. I can imagine that a bride planning a backyard wedding could find a sunny spot in the Spring and cover an arbor by early September with gorgeous flowers at a fraction of the cost of a florist's design. It's even possible to use the flowers and pods in bouquets with beautiful results.  Take a look at this beautiful example of a bean clad arbor  from with a link to her blog.

These are in front of my home

And so are these...

Can you tell I'm seriously in love with this beautiful bean?

This lovely bouquet with Hyacinth Bean vine is from
A bride (or the bride's mother) can really cut costs and grow mounds of these beautiful flowers from a couple of packets of seeds.  You can find them at Renee's


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