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All Fall Down

I've been absent from my blog for a while.  Lots of sitting and lots of knitting. My shawl's finished except for the lace border. It's taking a "time-out". It's me - not the pattern.  I don't know why I can't seem to accept the fact that a repeat can end with a yo. So I decided to teach myself to knit socks from the toe up. Could I start with simple sock yarn and a cable long enough to work properly? Of course not. I had to use a cashmere blend that is difficult to rip back and magic loop with a needle that's a few inches too short. I've ordered the correct length in the correct needle size - it's on its way.
The reason I'm getting so much knitting done and don't have much to blog about is simple. I was playing with my almost-two-year-old grandson and fell in a hole. Actually, I got my weak leg (I call it my MS leg) stuck in a depression in the lawn as I was moving sideways to catch the baby at the bottom of the slide. My foot got c…