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Vintage Bouquet Shawl

I love to knit and this shawl has kept me occupied for months! A pretty accessory can dress up the most basic outfit. My earrings were a Christmas gift from my husband. Cynthia at Antiquity Travelers on ( made them up for me. They're green amethysts and mimic the color of my eyes (husband's remark - too cute!) Cynthia is a local jewelry artist in Connecticut and has a beautiful website. Shop locally whenever you can!

Christmas Star

The wise men followed a star to Bethlehem and found a baby worthy of fine gifts, our savior, Jesus Christ.

Our children are gifts from God. Lord, teach us to be worthy. And help us teach them to seek You.

Reindeer Games

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And big antlers little beady eyes.

And are actually gingerbread boys turned upside down!

And decorated with royal icing and candy snowflakes!

And there'a a whole herd of them waiting for Christmas!

Precious Time

Last week amid the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations I spent a few precious hours with my oldest grandchild who'll turn 4 next month. I didn't get to see him on Thanksgiving but sent two pies to my brother's home for all to enjoy. The first thing my little guy said to me this week was "Grandma, I really loved your pumpkin pie that you made - was that pumpkin cream pie?" James is not your typical 3 year old.

We melted pony beads in a heart shaped cake pan. I pre-sorted the beads and James arranged them carefully in the pan in a really pretty random design. I drilled a hole in the top and threaded fishing line through.
While he could still maintain interest, we decorated white chocolate coated Oreos and hung candy canes on the Christmas tree. James had a great time. He'll never know that I referred to them as "tree", "star" and skiing accident. I love having my grandchildren around any time they come to visit but a planned activity tha…

Ready to Bake?

So these two show up in my baking cabinet, looking all smart and sassy.  Ready to bake?  In this mess?  I've had an awful cold and I'm only getting back on my feet but I opened the cabinet door and there they were.  They said they were associates of the Pillsbury Dough Boy but they looked too tarty to be friends of his.  They reminded me that we already had the molasses and brown sugar so what was the hold up?  I feel like I've barely finished the last of the pumpkin pie and we're on to Christmas baking. What's with that? To be continued...