Mason Jar Craze - Really?


 Just in case you missed it, there's a mason jar craze out there. I don't know who to credit or blame for this but SOMEBODY came up with the idea that they're attractive and trendy. These lowly glass jars have been turned into fancy drink glasses, hipster water glasses (with and without handles) lanterns, solar lights, flower vases, snow globes and about anything you can think of.  It's cool to be old. It's always been cool to be an antique but now it's just lovely to be old and rusty. Old and utilitarian. Unless all you can afford is old and utilitarian. I grew up with old, utilitarian things. You kept them around until they broke and then you bought new ones if you could afford to. You kept the mason jars that came with grandma's jam so grandma would put more jam in next year. They sat in the back of the garage or in the basement gathering dust until it was time to use them for another round of grape conserve or tomato sauce or whatever. So, never to be accused of missing any band wagon that comes along, I sprung for some mason type jars from Oneida. They came with attached lids and colored gaskets. Raise your hand if you know what a gasket is. The ones imprinted with snowflakes had pale blue gaskets and the ones with reindeer had red gaskets. I wrapped some paper ribbon, baker's twine (see? I keep up) and big gold jingle bells around the tops and tied them with bows. Then, during the holidays, I kept them full of Christmas cookies and candy. Now, this was a good and bad decision. Good because all my beautiful baking was clearly visible and appreciated. Bad because all my beautiful baking was clearly visible to me. Now I can spend the rest of the winter taking off the weight I gained!


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