Love Sweet Love

Saturday evening my husband and I had the pleasure of attending the "Flagpole Radio Cafe" in Newtown. We were invited to join my brother and sister-in-law who live there. We're all getting cabin fever and we needed a night out. The cafe is performed by a group of talented local musicians and actors who produce a live, old-timey radio show on stage. They've created a versatile band who play everything from bluegrass to pop. The ensemble of actors performed short skits and even read a Shakespeare sonnet in honor of St. Valentine's Day. Guest singer/songwriter Sloane Wainwright sang several of her earthy, vocal pieces that reminded my husband of the late Phoebe Snow.  They ended the evening with the whole theater singing some of the late Pete Seeger's beloved folk songs in honor of his recent passing.

Of course, one can't spend much time in Newtown without remembering the tragedy of a year ago December. I'd had Newtown on my mind recently as I cut through the renamed Victoria Soto Way the day before and noticed the new street sign  had been installed. Victoria, had been a resident of my town and was one of the teachers who lost her life trying to protect her students. Two of the performers Saturday night were Francine and David Wheeler who lost their son Benjamin on that terrible day in December. Francine, standing strong and serene, gave the gift of a tender rendition of "Love, Sweet Love". I felt the theater wrap their emotional arms around her and her around them. Newtown is trying to heal. They're not just waiting for the pain to go away. Let's love each other a little more. That's what the world needs more of.


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