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Friday, March 14, 2014

Blue Friday

The handle broke on this teapot many years ago so I retired it. I loved it so. I cried a little.
Many years later, when I was dating my husband he gave me roses and they miraculously kept their color when they dried.

Does anybody else take pictures of the contents of their cupboards or am I just weird?
Some of these things were my mother's, some were my grandmother's and some were gifts.

A dark corner of my counter top made brighter with a Polish pottery teapot

That's a real starfish and a real butterfly (not endangered). This is not the first home in which I've hung that star. I decorate my home like a curiosity cabinet.

I'm linking up with Anything Blue Friday

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Make-up Matters

I don't wear a lot of make-up.  I moisturize with an spf factor 30, I cover the under-eye circles the best I can. I powder with a mineral powder, highlight cheekbones (whatever they are), powder blush, eyebrow color, two colors of eye shadow, liner, mascara, lipstick. Mostly drugstore brands as I won't (at this point) pay a lot for skin care or make-up. My husband sees me first thing in the morning and still says, "Wow, I don't know how you do it" when he sees the "after". I tell him it's the make-up. He's still impressed. So, every morning I put on "my face" and wouldn't go out without make-up. Does that make me a phony? No. It means that I'm still in the game. That even at 61 I still care. I've started doing aquasize at the Y 3 times a week because I care. I don't like the pounds I've put on this winter since I broke my leg in October. I put on nice clothes to go out with my husband or to church because I care. I do facial exercises and get a good hair cut because I care. Caring about myself doesn't mean I care about others any less. I care.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Cure to a Knitter's Winter Blues

My sweater. Two sleeves done and blocked. Half the back and half of one of the front sections - done. By sweater standards, not too bad. It's going to be an open front cardigan in Knitpicks City Tweed DK, a merino and Donegal blend. The color is "Brrrrocade". A dignified hue that even Lady Violet would approve of. (Yes, I know she's not a real person...) It will be nice and warm. Sedate, classic, wearable. Yawn. I'm craving color. Summer color. I thought my next project was going to be a shawl in this -

I have 750 yards of  6 ply Merino in the Vienna base by Tuckers Farm here in Connecticut. The color is "Isle of Skye" and it's been waiting for me to knit it for more than a year.  Kind of goes along with my "Outlander" theme. A pretty neutral for a beaded summer shawl with a pattern that reminds me of ocean waves. I see water, sky and seaweed. It will be useful and I'll get a lot of enjoyment from knitting with it.  But then again...

 I found this on sale at Knitpicks. I'd had my eye on it but had resisted as long as I could. I bought about a thousand yards of it. Galileo is a merino and bamboo blend and it does shine just like this picture. The color is called "Firefly". It wants to be a summer shawl with small butterflies knitted into the lace and beads twinkling on the bottom border.
I'm trying to be a monogamous knitter - I really am. However, I spend my evening looking at seed catalogs, shivering under my heated blanket. I could really use a new wool sweater. But I really want that shawl. I want to knit with COLOR. I lined them up for a good look. They're actually sitting in my, my mother's and my grandmother's baby cups. It will have few very shiny beads. Sparkly! I can't stop looking at  Swarovski crystals. If I put down the brrrrrocade sweater-in-process, I probably won't pick it up again until Summer's over. A fling with Firefly will make me feel better for a while. But will I'll feel guilty later for cheating on the sweater, leaving it stuffed in a bag for the summer? Is it worth it?