Blue Friday

The handle broke on this teapot many years ago so I retired it. I loved it so. I cried a little.
Many years later, when I was dating my husband he gave me roses and they miraculously kept their color when they dried.

Does anybody else take pictures of the contents of their cupboards or am I just weird?
Some of these things were my mother's, some were my grandmother's and some were gifts.

A dark corner of my counter top made brighter with a Polish pottery teapot

That's a real starfish and a real butterfly (not endangered). This is not the first home in which I've hung that star. I decorate my home like a curiosity cabinet.

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  1. I think it is a great idea to take pictures of what is inside your cupboard! I must try it, but I have to straighten up a bit first! So many of my treasured pieces have some crack or break or something in them. Makes it feel like they are tainted but really they are just loved more.


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