Make-up Matters

I don't wear a lot of make-up.  I moisturize with an spf factor 30, I cover the under-eye circles the best I can. I powder with a mineral powder, highlight cheekbones (whatever they are), powder blush, eyebrow color, two colors of eye shadow, liner, mascara, lipstick. Mostly drugstore brands as I won't (at this point) pay a lot for skin care or make-up. My husband sees me first thing in the morning and still says, "Wow, I don't know how you do it" when he sees the "after". I tell him it's the make-up. He's still impressed. So, every morning I put on "my face" and wouldn't go out without make-up. Does that make me a phony? No. It means that I'm still in the game. That even at 61 I still care. I've started doing aquasize at the Y 3 times a week because I care. I don't like the pounds I've put on this winter since I broke my leg in October. I put on nice clothes to go out with my husband or to church because I care. I do facial exercises and get a good hair cut because I care. Caring about myself doesn't mean I care about others any less. I care.


  1. I think it's always positive to care about our physical selves. And you look glowing with just a touch of makeup. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. I know that since I have turned sixty I love how makeup keeps me young! It really makes a difference to see an expert and let them help! Good post!

  3. I am with you Karen, I'm 61 also and I still care too and imagine that as long as I have the breathe of life in me, I will. You look wonderful and your hair style is so cute and sassy. I love your attitude! Blessings for a wonderful week!

  4. It's art. I love messing with the palettes. Same urge as the great artists ... pin-point the beautiful and make it known!

  5. I turned 60 last November,have always used good skin care and enjoy playing with make up. I have gained several pounds after a stressful situation but am working to resolve that. Looking after ourselves is I think the best thing . Thankyou , great post.

    1. Thanks, Jill. We have to think of ourselves as million dollar race horses. How would we feed and exercise them? Sit them in front of t.v. and feed them chips? Naaaaay! Love your car - it must be so much fun to go out in such style!

  6. Wow you look so beautiful!!!! You're right we must care for ourselves.
    I guess I have to try not leave home with no make-up.
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits


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