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Spinnng - Never Say Never!

My daughters and I and two of the little grandsons went to the Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday. Not a great day for it - cold and rain on top of the cold. What else is new? I wonder if when Spring will arrive. Maybe we won't get Spring at all this year and we'll all be complaining about the oppressive heat and humidity that we wake up to one morning in May. We did have a nice afternoon, regardless of the weather. The kids love the "kids", little one month old Angora goat twins who didn't mind the attention. I didn't buy any yarn but I did come home with a lovely shawl pin, a large project bag by Jessalu and  new addiction. Yes, I bought a 4 dollar spindle and some Crab apple pink Corriedale wool. The spindle wobbles a lot but that may be me and not the spindle. I am, however, creating my own hand spun yarn which, I have to say, amazes me. It's something I said I would never, never do. Never say never.

Happy Earth Day!

Forty four years ago we rode our bikes to school and spend the afternoon picking up garbage people had tossed out of their car windows.  Today, I celebrated by planting some Cone Flowers in my herb garden. I was raised a country girl. We were occasionally late for school because the cows got out and were blocking the road. Today, only the very wealthy live in my hometown.

That does not include me. Residents give their homes little "farm" names - cute. When I was a kid we bought "windfall" apples in the fall from the local orchard for pie and apple sauce. Now, the orchard is a destination and they sell funnel cakes with the apples and nobody knows what a "windfall" is. Movie stars and television personalities own mansions on what used to be farmland in my home town. I moved but I'm still a country girl. Happy Earth Day!

I Feel Spring!

I love Easter. When I went out to take Sandy (our Cocker Spaniel) to the groomer for a bath and a trim, Spring came to to me. I can't run. I have MS. I know I can't run, no matter how I'd like to. But as I drove Sandy to the other end of town, down near the sound, I felt the urge to run. I thought maybe it was the caffeine, since I drink two mugs of coffee every morning. We started years ago to mix caffeinated coffee with decaf so it would tone the caffeine down a bit. But when I went to pick her up in the afernoon, I still felt the urge to RUN. Now, I've missed my exercise swimming this week as we've had many arborists coming to our home for estimates for some tree work that needs doing. I'm  preparing the way for Holy Week by baking bread for a pre-Christian Seder supper of soup for and bread on Holy Thursday. I've been reading my bible a lot. I just made plans to go to a women's Christian retreat in May. I'm practicing choral music for Good Frida…

Slightly Geeky with Bling

When I look back at photos taken of my mother 40 years ago, she was wearing dark-rimmed glasses. Forty years ago I didn't wear glasses at all. Mom was dressed up for a wedding and wearing glasses that were the shape of our t.v. screen. I thought they were awful. The made her look older than she was -  "dated" and frumpy. When I look back at photos of my late mother-in-law, she was wearing dark-rimmed glasses with the little points on the sides, little horn rims, and they even had a few rhinestones. I remember thinking, "What was she thinking when she picked them out?" You know what's coming, right? It was time for me to get new glasses. I had my new prescription from my optometrist. Since I'd broken or lost the two pairs I'd purchased most recently, I was still wearing glasses I picked out seven years ago. They were pretty trendy seven years ago. My husband and I walked into Lenscrafter and I began to look around. Black, black and more black. Or wi…