I Feel Spring!

I love Easter. When I went out to take Sandy (our Cocker Spaniel) to the groomer for a bath and a trim, Spring came to to me. I can't run. I have MS. I know I can't run, no matter how I'd like to. But as I drove Sandy to the other end of town, down near the sound, I felt the urge to run. I thought maybe it was the caffeine, since I drink two mugs of coffee every morning. We started years ago to mix caffeinated coffee with decaf so it would tone the caffeine down a bit. But when I went to pick her up in the afernoon, I still felt the urge to RUN. Now, I've missed my exercise swimming this week as we've had many arborists coming to our home for estimates for some tree work that needs doing. I'm  preparing the way for Holy Week by baking bread for a pre-Christian Seder supper of soup for and bread on Holy Thursday. I've been reading my bible a lot. I just made plans to go to a women's Christian retreat in May. I'm practicing choral music for Good Friday with my church choir. I'm GETTING READY for the week we Christians put aside to remember what Christ did for us when he gave His life for us and was resurrected on Easter Sunday. The preparation is infusing me with a supernatural energy. I'm knitting like a crazy woman. I ordered  butterflied leg of lamb today for our Easter feast. I'm getting ready. But somehow, I feel calm... Not at all the way I feel at Christmas.


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