Slightly Geeky with Bling

When I look back at photos taken of my mother 40 years ago, she was wearing dark-rimmed glasses. Forty years ago I didn't wear glasses at all. Mom was dressed up for a wedding and wearing glasses that were the shape of our t.v. screen. I thought they were awful. The made her look older than she was -  "dated" and frumpy. When I look back at photos of my late mother-in-law, she was wearing dark-rimmed glasses with the little points on the sides, little horn rims, and they even had a few rhinestones. I remember thinking, "What was she thinking when she picked them out?" You know what's coming, right? It was time for me to get new glasses. I had my new prescription from my optometrist. Since I'd broken or lost the two pairs I'd purchased most recently, I was still wearing glasses I picked out seven years ago. They were pretty trendy seven years ago. My husband and I walked into Lenscrafter and I began to look around. Black, black and more black. Or wire. I wanted the lightest pair possible. And they have to last me a few years. So, what am I wearing?. Black-rimmed glasses with little rhinestones on the arms. So who knew?


  1. Never say never! These glasses are very cool. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. I just love that perfect touch of sparkle on your glasses. Discreet and completely charming! Good for you. A little glam is often necessary.


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