Spinnng - Never Say Never!

My daughters and I and two of the little grandsons went to the Sheep and Wool Festival yesterday. Not a great day for it - cold and rain on top of the cold. What else is new? I wonder if when Spring will arrive. Maybe we won't get Spring at all this year and we'll all be complaining about the oppressive heat and humidity that we wake up to one morning in May. We did have a nice afternoon, regardless of the weather. The kids love the "kids", little one month old Angora goat twins who didn't mind the attention. I didn't buy any yarn but I did come home with a lovely shawl pin, a large project bag by Jessalu and  new addiction. Yes, I bought a 4 dollar spindle and some Crab apple pink Corriedale wool. The spindle wobbles a lot but that may be me and not the spindle. I am, however, creating my own hand spun yarn which, I have to say, amazes me. It's something I said I would never, never do. Never say never.


  1. How hard is it to spin? I have two pounds of merino wool roving, a bit of which I have dyed with food coloring. I bought both a top and a bottom spindle and have tried but so fare unsuccessfully. More videos I guess is the answer to learning how to do it. I love to see what others have spun and you are doing beautiful yarn with your spindles.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lynda. Merino's not the easiest to start with. If you can get some Corriedale, you'll find it much easier and less slippery. Remember to prepare your roving by gently splitting it lengthwise and then pulling the fibers slightly lengthwise to pre-draft your fiber. Craftsy has a good (free) explanation of this. Have fun!


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