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Springtime in Vermont

Here is the longest covered bridge in Vermont...we were so eager to take pictures we temporarily forgot the purpose of the bridge (and almost got broadsided by a car coming out!)
A real Vermont country store. Want to look inside?

Penny candy just like the "old days". Sombody's old days, not mine...

Colorful quilts - handmade by local crafters

Snuggly bears and wide-eyed owls

Local artists' renderings of buildings in the little village of Newfane, Vermont

Pottery depicting the little village. A whole table of it might be a little "busy".

Even the back porch looked inviting if you wanted to set a spell (of course that would be trespassing...)

Enough jams, jellies and sugar to last a lifetime and fund my dentist's retirement

The original cash register, retired but not forgotten

The owners are selling - they're retiring after 12 years.  It's somebody's dream come true!