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Old is New

My DH gave me an Etsy gift card for Mother's Day. I found a gorgeous, hand-crafted  silver necklace. It's made in the US by silversmith A.F. Barber. I dug into my jewelry box and found a pair of matching earrings that I'd received from my brother and his wife for my 30th birthday - 32 years ago next month! Silver is a wonderful summer minimalist look for the beach - and that's where these pics were taken - on Long Beach Island, New Jersey just last week. 

Knitting on Pier 60

Spring has finally arrived. And with it, lots of weeds, limbs, twigs and a pond that used to be a swimming pool. Whatever happened, whatever the reason, it seems to be taking longer to get organized and make any headway this year. Thirty bags of mini-nuggets that my oldest son put down for us barely touched the back border - there's so much yet to do. The vegetable garden is mostly planted. I was very late with the first sewing of lettuce seeds so I'm going to grow some in a planter as well. I'm experimenting with potatoes this year. Cut them in quarters, throw them in a ditch and see what happens! I have a few strawberry plants left that Momma Bunny didn't eat last year when she dug her warren in the berry patch. The garlic I planted last fall is up and growing. My pole beans are poking their heads up, ready to go as long as I'm faithful about watering. I planted zinnia seeds in the vegetable garden and my butterfly weed (that I started from seed 5 years ago) fina…