Favorite Things

I was just taking spin around my favorite blogs and landed on one that was hosting a "Favorite Things" party. Aside from my family and my little dog, I'd have to say that my favorite "thing" is my kitchen. It's where I live most of the time. We celebrate all our special occasions here. We share family dinners in this space. It's spacious enough for us but not so roomy that it echoes. It's warm and inviting and I designed it to be that way. In an era that celebrates stainless steel, I chose a creamy ecru for the appliances. While others may go for a sleek, modern look, I wanted an antique copper band to form a border around matte finished tiles for the back splash and copper pulls on the cabinet doors and drawers. It was completed seven years ago and I still love this space.

I created a notebook with pictures torn out of magazines or downloaded from website that had features I liked. The island and the computer desk has a top that looks like soapstone but it's really a laminate. The other counter are also a Formica brand laminate that looks like a warm brown stone. The tiny bottom cabinet to the left of the stove is a spice rack. The kitchen designer said I didn't have room for a double sink but my contractor told her I did. I've owned the copper pots for almost 40 years and they've always lived in my kitchens. The hanging pot rack is new.

The kitchen designer was amazed when my contractor told her to order upper cabinets for the bottom of my desk and he'd put a top on them for a desk. There were no cabinets on that wall at all before the remodel. I found the chairs at Pier 1 Imports. All the wires go through a hole in the desk and the router is in the cabinet below. The little suitcases hold paperwork and scotch tape, etc. There is an electrical outlet in the closet next to the desk. I've owned the oak dining table and chairs since the 1980's.

A wall that separated the kitchen from a dining area and t.v. area came down which opened up all the living space, including the living room to the right where my Ikea bookcases hold my husband's signed book collection and other little treasures.

The laminate flooring the replaced the old linoleum is called "Gunstock" and was a compromise between the maple cabinets and the oak dining set. The decoration above the window is from Michael's craft store.

I chose one large eye-catching light fixture for the dining area because it looked like it came from the same era as the chairs. Anything else might have competed with the hanging pots and the ceiling fan in the family area. I deferred to my husband for the reclining seating in the family room. The hanging quilt against the brick wall is from Etsy. I paid about $60 for it. Before the renovation there was a large coal stove and hearth installed by the original owner. It took about 5 hours of jack-hammering to remove the hearth. The sconces are from Target. The coffee table is two leather-look storage hassocks that hold my knitting nice and close!


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