Linen and Lace

Summer wedding dressing for the mother of the best man - pale blue linen and lace top over a slim white crocheted skirt. I bought the top in a boutique at the shore when we were on vacation. It's made by August Silk. The skirt is Liz Claiborne New York. Comfortable, cool and age appropriate. As I get older, I do worry about that. I've asked my husband to tell me if I ever look like I'm trying too hard. I want to keep up with current trends but many of them are best left to the kids. I saw a woman in the mall last week with black mani and pedi and black slave sandals laced almost to her knees. She had to have been well over 60. As difficult as it is to look sometimes, everybody should have a full-length mirror and an honest friend with good taste, fashion sense and a kind heart.


  1. You look lovely, Karen - perfect for a wedding. I am loving linen this summer too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  2. Your comments about the woman in the mall cracked me up. So true! I think you look elegant and lovely, too. =)


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