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"But, What about the MS?" What about it?

I kind of tend to forget that my blog posts appear on a group post with other bloggers who have MS. Would I prefer to forget this disease? Damned straight. And, much of the time I'm able to push it to the bottom of the list of things that bug me. Which is wonderful because it plagued me big time for the better part of two decades. Now, I wasn't as sick as many people but I was a whole lot sicker than many others. My eyes crossed on their own, my face hurt, I lost my sight many times. The fatigue was so bad at times, I'd have to be driven home from work and head straight to bed. When my legs were affected, they felt as heavy as the legs on my dining room table. And when I needed to bring my cane with meto work, that spelled the end of my career. In Human Resources. I know..I could have brought a discrimination suit against them. But I was fed up with my boss and the nasty "corporate"  atmosphere at work anyway and had a young stepson who needed me at home. What ab…

Happy Accident and Summer Spinning

A happy accident took over my little garden. It's so light I'm guessing it's a white pumpkin. I think if it were going to be orange, it would be greener. I'm guessing since I've never planted pumpkins.
I did, however, plant sunflowers last year. I dried the heads and popped them on the fence posts for the birds. A few came up and I moved two of them where passersby could see their faces.
An extra patio tomato plant ended up in the herb garden with the Echinaceas. My first hand-spun skein of Merino wool. I think it's going to be a little toy.
Blue faced Leicester and silk My first real attempt at spindle spinning. A little thick and not too soft but very shiny, nonetheless. I love summer colors.

Sweet Summer

It's not just the colors, the fragrances and long, warm evenings that make me happy. It's that we don't need an excuse to play together in the summer. The food is easier to prepare and everybody's ready to bring something to share. The clean-up's a breeze. The kitchen that I love dearly, stays clean and cool - the oven's off for now. I'm harvesting and freezing big plump blackberries to use when this summer's just a sweet memory.

I am a Corvette - What are You?

I've been exercising on a fairly regular basis again since February. Recently, I've gotten more serious about keeping my Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule of 45 minute sessions of water exercise at the Y. I've tried more strenuous activity in the past and ended up hurting myself. The water in the pool helps me with my balance issues and it's great for those of us with MS. I'm also well aware that I turned 62 last month. That said, I've come to believe that there's a big difference in the way people "age" and quite a lot we can do about what we've come to think of as inevitable. I read an article about treating ourselves as well as we treat out pets and I completely agreed with that. I read the labels on her food, make sure she gets walked and all her visits to the vet. Her haircuts are more frequent than mine and cost just as much. She even has special shampoo for her sensitive skin. And the vet does not let me out the door with a $15 co-…