"But, What about the MS?" What about it?

I kind of tend to forget that my blog posts appear on a group post with other bloggers who have MS. Would I prefer to forget this disease? Damned straight. And, much of the time I'm able to push it to the bottom of the list of things that bug me. Which is wonderful because it plagued me big time for the better part of two decades. Now, I wasn't as sick as many people but I was a whole lot sicker than many others. My eyes crossed on their own, my face hurt, I lost my sight many times. The fatigue was so bad at times, I'd have to be driven home from work and head straight to bed. When my legs were affected, they felt as heavy as the legs on my dining room table. And when I needed to bring my cane with meto work, that spelled the end of my career. In Human Resources. I know..I could have brought a discrimination suit against them. But I was fed up with my boss and the nasty "corporate"  atmosphere at work anyway and had a young stepson who needed me at home. What about now, almost 30 years after I was diagnosed? Most of the time, I eat way better than the average American. I don't mix Cheerios with Lucky Charms because, for the most part, I don't eat wheat, or oats or any grain at all. I try not to eat sugar except on special occasions. I've used no fat to cook except butter or olive oil for almost 15 years. Now I mostly use coconut oil. I eat beef (finally found some grass-fed that I can access easily), organic chicken, wild caught salmon. I put my pasta sauce on spaghetti squash instead of macaroni.  I eat plenty of vegetables (not corn) raw and cooked and I treat myself to a light beer with my husband every evening before dinner. I exercise at my local YMCA doing their water workout. I got orthotics which helped my balance (we work on balance at the end of the water workout also - it is helping a lot). I try to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep. I cheat (ice cream!) once in a while and my digestive tract lets me know later on. I don't know how much my life style affects the MS. I haven't noticed a direct correlation. I do know that I didn't get any worse when I stopped taking the Avonex, then the Betaseron injections. After I stopped taking them (mostly because they were so constipating) I had a few years of IBS before I got my gut flora straightened out. I think the meds caused the IBS. I don't advise anyone to stop their medication. I just know that, for now, I'm holding my own without it - against my own doctor's advice.


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