I am a Corvette - What are You?

I've been exercising on a fairly regular basis again since February. Recently, I've gotten more serious about keeping my Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule of 45 minute sessions of water exercise at the Y. I've tried more strenuous activity in the past and ended up hurting myself. The water in the pool helps me with my balance issues and it's great for those of us with MS. I'm also well aware that I turned 62 last month. That said, I've come to believe that there's a big difference in the way people "age" and quite a lot we can do about what we've come to think of as inevitable. I read an article about treating ourselves as well as we treat out pets and I completely agreed with that. I read the labels on her food, make sure she gets walked and all her visits to the vet. Her haircuts are more frequent than mine and cost just as much. She even has special shampoo for her sensitive skin. And the vet does not let me out the door with a $15 co-payment. I love my dog, but I'd rather think of myself as an expensive sports car. Would I leave it out in the rain or the sun with the top down for days on end? The leather seats and shiny paint job wouldn't last long. Would I leave it sitting for months or years or would I take it out for nice long drives to keep all its fluids and gears moving smoothly? A car left to sit for long without moving ends up with flat tires and a dead battery. Why do we humans think we can put cheap gas in our tanks and get good mileage? Our tires go flat, our paint gets dull and we end up with too much junk in the trunk and then wonder why we look and feel the way we do. Reality check. I was in the pool today, holding in the tummy, working away to the music. A very nice, very round 70ish lady remarked, "I've been doing this exercise every week since November and I don't see any difference!" I told her I thought I might see more of a difference after I lose 20 lbs. And I really think I will. 


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