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Learning Something New

Still knitting and spinning but recently, I decided to try a new-to-me craft. I'm attending a rug-hooking class. I'm calling it an art because there is some creativity to it, even if you're hooking a piece designed by a professional. I'm learning to shade as I hook to create the look of dimension to one dimensional object. The design is called "Sue's Rose". I've taken some decorative painting classes so it's not entirely new to me. I'm looking forward to trying some designing of my own.

Also just finished a baby sweater for a little one due in May. It's 6 month size which should be fine for late summer and fall. I think I have enough for a little hat to match. Its in organic wool blended with organic cotton in Balance worsted by O-Wool. I found the owl buttons in JoAnn's. Everything's owls this year. So cute for little ones.

14 Shades of Green

Christina, a lovely knitting designer who has a blog called "A Knitter's Life" recently posted a tutorial for making your own rolags for spinning. She purchased a group of merino wool roving samples from "Mohair and More". Christina chose to make her rolags in shades of red. After I watched Christina whip up a couple of rolags I ordered some merino in 14 Shades of Green. With a very small investment, I made enough rolags to keep me busy for days. I would guess my yarn is considered "woolen" spun since none of the fibers are going in the same direction until I twist them together. Whatever, it works and I'm having a great time spinning away!

Snow is a Four Letter Word so Knit, Knit, Knit

Today is more snow, snow, SNOW! Sorry, I don't usually use four letter words. I'm home working on the baby sweater. Trying not to drop the sweater in favor of some comfort spinning. I skeined up some Into the Whirled "As You Wish", a merino and silk blend braid of roving I bought at Rhinebeck in October. It ended up in my basket of homespun while I work on the rest of the braid. The basket is getting full as I've never knitted with my own yarn I think I'll save that for warmer weather and small projects.

I had my Ninja out for a lunchtime blueberry protein smoothie. I've had such a chocolate craving. Don't know what that's about but I decided to try to come up with a chocolate pudding using chia seeds, almond coconut milk and stevia. I'll post the recipe after I perfect it. I love my Ninja. It works so much better than my blender and it's smaller than a food processor and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Selfies over 60

Patti over at "Not Dead Yet Style" blog just posted a fun piece about selfies. She quoted Helen Walmsley-Johnson's article in the Guardian entitled, "Why Older Women Should Become the New Selfie Generation". The writer stated that 71% of women between the ages of 50 and 64 are "entirely happy with the way they look", a full 8% higher than the 18 to 34 group who are posting selfies all over the place. She says that "perhaps we should lead by example and show that growing older is a wonderful, liberating opportunity for re-invention, to let go of some things while embracing others." My garden's covered with 6 inches of snow, my knitting's not very interesting and I'm not baking or cooking anything pretty or inspiring, so here we go. I started taking selfies 10 years ago. Before I started shoving the camera into my husband's hands while on vacation so I'd have some kind of proof that I was actually there. "Here, take my …