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Patti over at "Not Dead Yet Style" blog just posted a fun piece about selfies. She quoted Helen Walmsley-Johnson's article in the Guardian entitled, "Why Older Women Should Become the New Selfie Generation". The writer stated that 71% of women between the ages of 50 and 64 are "entirely happy with the way they look", a full 8% higher than the 18 to 34 group who are posting selfies all over the place. She says that "perhaps we should lead by example and show that growing older is a wonderful, liberating opportunity for re-invention, to let go of some things while embracing others."
My garden's covered with 6 inches of snow, my knitting's not very interesting and I'm not baking or cooking anything pretty or inspiring, so here we go. I started taking selfies 10 years ago. Before I started shoving the camera into my husband's hands while on vacation so I'd have some kind of proof that I was actually there. "Here, take my picture." resulted in self-conscious poses in hurried moments. "We're going out to dinner, I'm gussied up and the hair's not too frizzy, take my picture." There were, prior to this move, very few pictures of me from year to year. I don't think I'm much more or less vain than most women but frankly, I don't want to be surprised when I see a picture of myself. Even my mom looked at pictures of herself taken at my wedding 10 years ago and wanted to chuck them. I guess selfies are a way of evaluating the aging process. Like Mayor Koch, "How'm I doing?" I can't count on hubbie or the kids. They see me through lenses that reflect who I am to them. And that's the way it should be.


  1. Your selfies came out great! I don't like any pictures of myself, let alone selfies!! I always look distorted in them. It's that whole self perception thing.

  2. Karen! Beautiful shots! I can never get my selfies to look awesome and always end up just handing the phone to hubby. *L*

    1. Thanks Tina-Marie. Somehow, the only decent photos of me are taken by "me" - when I'm relaxed and trying to get a good picture of a haircut for my stylist. I hand the camera to hubby when we're on vacation and he can't ever remember which button to push lol


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