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Kind Yarn for a Sweet Bundle of Joy

I'm so sad to say I couldn't get to my great nephew's baby shower today. I've been down with a virus since before Easter. I made it through Easter Sunday and fell apart the next day with another sore throat, swollen glands and stuffy head. I've rested and guzzled lots of tea and vitamin C but still felt runny and stuffy today. I couldn't expose the rest of the family (or tire myself out) so I stayed home. I'll pack up my gifts for the wee one and mail them to my niece and nephew next week. In the meantime, let me tell you about O-Wool "Balance" the yarn I used to make a little sweater and hat.

I used a free pattern from Ravelry called "Little Coffee Bean" for the sweater and Susan B. Anderson's basic baby hat from her Itty Bitty Hats book. I used almost 3 skeins of O-Wool "Balance" in the Jade colorway. O-Wool "Balance" is 50% organic wool and 50% organic cotton put up in 130 yard, 50 gram worsted weight skeins. &…