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Everybody Needs to Feel Special

My husband and I were invited to attend "Special Persons Breakfast" at one of my grandsons' pre-schools this morning. I've been thinking about feeling "special" lately, having read a few essays by women complaining about the hoopla surrounding Mother's Day and the negative emotions that that "holiday" evoked in them. One was a mother, the rest were not. I compared that in my mind to the woman I used to work with who said she and her husband thought Valentine's Day was ridiculous and refused to engage in the "artificial" displays required by that "Hallmark holiday". I get it. I really do. I've told my husband of 10 years that he does not have to shell out $75 in roses on one day in February to prove undying love for me. He can bring me a bunch from the grocery store and I'll be just as happy. This past Mother's Day, our son graduated from college. That was his special day. I got some very sweet cards from my …