So Sweet, Too Smart!

It doesn't seem possible but my husband and I saw it with our own eyes. I opened the wire fence that surrounds my little garden and found Mrs. Bunny digging her little warren. She had removed the grass from a circular spot where she planned to make her little nest. She looked up at me and held her ground with no plans to move. Knowing that she'd be having her babies soon, I gave up and sat down in a comfortable chair to knit. She had won. I wouldn't be putting down straw mulch today. As we watched her hopping around, it started to gently rain. Our little wild bunny hopped over to the gate, which I had hooked lightly, jumped up and pushed it open. She then hopped out of the open gate and left for the day. My husband remarked that he had recently hooked the gate closed at night and found it open in the morning. He thought I had been leaving the gate open. We don't feed or encourage any wild animals to make their homes here, and we actually clap our hands and encourage them to move along. I think it's time for a stronger latch.


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