Spirit of Gardening

Figs forming
Cheyenne Spirit Coneflowers

Lace cap hydrangea tree in the shade garden
Japanese painted fern in the shade garden
Eye searing Hosta
Little bee alone and appears to be sleeping
Lady in Red Hydrangea looks very blue this year

When you look around, how does your garden make you feel? I don't mean the weeds popping up - or your tomatoes wilting with blight. I was rearranging some plants in the shade garden and realized there's very little color, other than the eye-searing green of the Hostas. My daughter and I came around the corner of the house and she hadn't seen the cool little spot, tucked away from the rest of the house. I want to put a chair there so I can sit and meditate but it's not a great place for a solitude with cars and walkers going by. It calls me to be quiet and alone. The bright, bold reds and oranges of the coneflowers are lined up in the herb garden and most visable from the pool and patio. They look like summer fun and excitement waiting to happen in the bright, blazing sun. My fig tree is setting tiny figs which will be ready when summer ends. I don't know if it's a myth that figs grow best when they're snuggled up against a home. My little tree was ready and producing its first crop when it was still in the garage where it lives during the winter. If it could speak, it would have certainly be asking to go outside.


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