Getting Happy in my Fall Garden

I really thought a vegetable garden this year was hopeless. We've been having a heat wave with virtually no rain all summer. I can only think of two rainy days since last Spring. One will be burned into my memory forever. Looking out my kitchen window at our local wild bunny hunkering down under a patio table that had been left out on the lawn. I don't know if she had ever seen the rain. (Okay, now that song's in my head...) It's been that bad.
I'm still taking strong medication for the colitis but I've felt good enough to put in some young veg plants and protect them with my life. The bunny got one young broccoli plant but it seems to be recovering. She also got one of the little kale plants. I've tented the baby lettuce with lawn chairs and beach towels to keep it from burning in the hot sun. I've covered the broccoli with laundry baskets at night protect it from marauding bunnies. Nobody seems interested in the swiss chard. Probably not even my family but that's another story.
Little sprouts of sugar snap peas are wending their way toward the tee pee left over from the pole beans last year. They don't like the heat so that's probably all I'll get - sprouts. But the figs are getting larger, the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are singing along. The cherry tomatoes are offering enough for a salad every night. Butterfly weed started from last year's pods are big enough to transplant but we're expecting another few days of intense heat next week so they'll have to wait a bit.. I was pulling weeds and recognized the lovely fragrance of Sweet Annie herself, so I plunked a couple in the back of the patch. Yes, I'm getting pretty happy in my fall garden. What's making you happy? Leave a comment - I'd love to know!

Butterfly Weed in the Spring

Butterfly Weed ready for planting
Shading the lettuce on a hot day
My wee garden - mostly blackberries

Sugar Snap Peas really trying to grow

Okay, even that crazy rabbit makes me happy....


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