Getting Happy in My Garden


I didn't get my garden cleaned up enough to plant this year. I missed spring planting time because I was dealing with a very nasty case of colitis. Without details, I couldn't get far enough from the house to do much of anything - my MS makes running out of the question. I'm now on some strong prescriptions to keep everything under control, hoping I can eventually taper off and use natural anti-inflammatory supplements in the future. So, I was listing to Margaret Roach's podcast "Away to Garden" and the topic was vegetable planting in the fall - starting now! And "Natureworks" just blogged about having fresh veggie seedlings on their benches. Maybe it's not too late for me, after all. With a lot of help from #2 son, the garden is mulched with straw and getting drenched with the sprinkler to cool down the soil for planting. As I was working this morning and pulling a few stray weeds out from under the bean teepee, who should land right at eye level but this guy? I said hello and started talking to him. I'm not crazy, he was looking right at me. As I talked to him he tilted his head back and forth as if he was listening. After a while, I left him to get the camera. When I returned, he came right back as if to pose for pictures. My camera battery was half dead or I would have taken more pictures of this beautiful blue-eyed visitor. Wait - dragonflies are territorial. Maybe I was the visitor!


  1. Excellent photo and essay. More please!

  2. What a great photo! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the tips for my vignette. Love your ideas!


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