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The Secret Garden

I picked up a copy of The Secret Garden for a dollar when my local library was having a book sale last summer. Somehow I'd missed reading it as a child. One at a time, I'm trying to catch up on some of the classics I missed. Last time, it was Anna Karenina. I took it as something to stay occupied while my son was having his wisdom teeth removed. That day, I felt like throwing Anna under the train myself.
Looking for something lighter, I took The Secret Garden along on our trip, reading a few pages each night before going to sleep. I know it's dated. There's some racism in the original copy I have, and that reflects the time in which it was written. I didn't allow that to ruin the book for me, though and I understand it's been edited and updated with a new voice by Briton Bailey.
I hope much of the original text remains the same. Many of us have been through tough situations, both with our own health and issues with the people we love. I believe it takes coura…

The Wild Gardens of Acadia, Maine

I wanted to stay longer. It did't matter that the ferns had turned a golden brown. Everywhere I looked was natural beauty. Mushrooms, streams troubled by landing insects into waves of glassy water. White birch, goldenrod, wild asters, lichens, reindeer moss. I didn't want to leave but the tour bus was waiting.