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Fiber Festival Finds

Daughter and I ventured north to Massachusetts last weekend, following fiber fumes. First to WEBS, America's Yarn Store. We circled the yarn like hunters after big game. We were both satisfied with our purchases, only to discover that the commonwealth doesn't charge tax on yarn. What??? And we had purchased enough to qualify for the BIG discount. No shipping. The price of gas is down and WEBS is only an hour and half away. WEBS is now my lys, just saying. I bought some Juniper Moon Farm Findley to make the Imogen Tee for next spring. I thought I was very reasonable, considering I don't spend much time in yarn stores. Then we were off to the Fiber Festival of New England, which was just a few miles away. I was looking for breed-specific roving that I hadn't spun before. I settled on 4 ounces of Falkland from Spunky Eclectic in the color "Pumpkin". I might save the resulting yarn for those cute little knitted pumpkins I saw on Ravelry earlier this year.  We me…

Stitching and Sneezing

I finished my "Pebble Beach Shawl" by designer Helen Stewart after we came home from our trip. It's the medium size in Malabrigo "Indecita". I tried photographing it outside but the colors only came true in low lighting inside the house. I love the way Helen writes her patterns and will definitely try one of hers again.
Not sure if was the color of the yarn or the wine that made the going difficult on black needles. I ordered some new double points from KnitPicks in their Sunstruck wood. There should be no excuses now. I need a winter hat and I have enough Malabrigo worsted for a hat and I think I can get a cowl out of it. The color is "Velvet Grapes". It's a lot more purple and less pink than in the picture.
And I've picked up "Pour Moi" by Versaci Knits again. The wool is Knitpicks "Wool of the Andes" in camel. It's toothy and rustic but it will keep me warm when it's finished. It should wear like iron. The origi…