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Zombie Socks - Done and Done!

Hi Knitters and Others,

Have you been bitten by the "knitting bug" yet? Good for you and the people you love. They'll get nifty knitwear (if they're worthy recipients) and you'll have a fun (albeit frustrating at times) new hobby. This pair of socks took me 10 months to knit. You can make a baby in less time than that. I did knit several things in between, but, really? I admit that they are huge. I have big, size 10 feet. I could call it second sock syndrome. I will probably knit another pair....some day. Assuming I live that long. I'm 63.
The first one (thanks to Susan B. Anderson's pattern - "How I Knit My Socks" from her website. Thank you, Susan. The first one was a breeze. I followed the instructions and I was amazed at the results.

I started the second sock, finished the ribbing for the cuff and put them away until a couple of weeks ago. I won the yarn from the dyer, Susan of "Desert Vista Dyeworks". It's part of her 'Zo…

Cozy Corner

I love to spin with my drop spindle in the evening. It keeps my hands busy. I drink a nice cup of herbal tea or, healthier yet, a big glass of water. I'm not riveted to most of what's on the tube (with the exception of Downton Abbey or Doc Martin). Spinning is productive. I get yarn when I'm finished. I don't have to concentrate on my project, my hands remember what to do. It's tactile. The fiber is soft, the yarn on my spindle is squishy like a teddy bear. I'm spinning dark chocolate brown pure Alpaca, a gift from my daughter from our local farm, Alpaca Hill.  Many spinners would consider the process a bit boring. They need color - the brighter the better - to lift their spirits out of the mid-winder doldrums. I look forward to my little corner at the end of the day - pure, cozy comfort.