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Oh, deer...

We get our share of wildlife here in suburban Connecticut. A few years ago a pair of twin baby deer passed through our backyard. It's still a sight to behold a herd of white tail deer looking lost and confused ambling down the street. 

Birthday at the Beach

Our youngest grandchild turned 4 yesterday. It was his heart's desire to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma rather than spend the day in daycare on Grandparents' Day.  After a hot dog and fries with an ocean view, he spied invading pirates at the playground, On a beautiful, late winter day, and a walk along the seawall with Grandpa, we headed home for ice cream. A birthday boy should get to enjoy his day the way he wants to.

Spring Sox & Cheesecake

I'm on to my second pair of socks. This is souvenir yarn from our Canadian trip last October. It's self-patterning yarn from Germany. I was hoping to find a Canadian yarn but our shopping time was limited to a couple of hours in St. John, New Brunswick. To my delight, my socks will look like pastel Easter eggs. To my dismay, these will probably be finished in time for Christmas. The yarn is Step 6 sport weight yarn by Austermann and it's available in the U.S. These socks will be very thick and warm so I also went up a needle size. I am loving how they're coming so far.

I've been playing around with my electric pressure cooker again. I'm trying to eat healthily but really miss desserts. This is my first attempt at converting a recipe that came with the cooker to a sugar-free/wheat-free recipe. We all enjoyed it but hubby still prefers sugar and wheat in his cheesecake. Give him a graham cracker crust and he's happy. Neither my husband, nor my son had any id…

Healthy Fast Food

Healthy, fast and yummy. And on the table about a half hour after you walk in the door. Take your coat off, feed the dog, kiss the kids. Put some music on, light a candle. Pour yourself a refreshing beverage. Go!
1. The night before, you put your frozen salmon fillets in a marinade made from 1/3 cup of soy sauce, 1/3 cup of brown sugar, 1/3 cup of water, 1/4 cup of oil, a couple of shakes of garlic powder and lemon pepper. Into a plastic bag they went and back into the fridge to wait for you to come home. Take them out of the fridge while you pour your glass of wine.
2. Get the water going in a 2 quart pot for your Lundberg Family Farms Parmesan Risotto.
3. Chop a couple of cloves of garlic (to add later) and melt some butter in a 10 inch sautee pan for the squash recipe.
4. Pour your pre-made salad into bowls if you can't convince another family member to make it.

5. Dump out the marinade. Lightly brown the skinless side of your salmon fillets in an oven-safe skillet. Heat the o…