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Friday, March 18, 2016

Birthday at the Beach

Our youngest grandchild turned 4 yesterday. It was his heart's desire to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma rather than spend the day in daycare on Grandparents' Day. 
After a hot dog and fries with an ocean view, he spied invading pirates at the playground,
On a beautiful, late winter day, and a walk along the seawall with Grandpa, we headed home for ice cream. A birthday boy should get to enjoy his day the way he wants to.


  1. That is so sweet Karen!! It must a joy to have grandkids live nearyby so they can came and visit. He seems like a sweet young man! I bet he says lots of interesting things. My son had his birthday yesterday! He is 28. It seems like it was yesterday he was 4 years old. Wish a wonderful birthday to your grandson!

  2. Thanks, Angela. Wish your son a belated Happy Birthday, too! Grandchildren are a blessing and we're thankful we get to see them - especially in the summer when the pool's open. Can't come too soon for me!