Glad to be Grilling Again

You're absolutely right. This is not Lemon Grilled chicken. It's a lovely, pink rose (my favorite color rose) that's sitting in the middle of my kitchen table. 

But let me tell you about Lemon Grilled Chicken. It's delicious and easy to make but it's not as pretty as a rose. I'm going to explain how to prepare it for yourself. It's healthy and quick and you'll want to make it every week all summer. Here goes...

I like to start with boneless, skinless organic chicken. You still get a nice moist meat without the grill flaring and flashing back at you. And there's less fat so there are fewer calories. Even if you don't care for dark meat, try this recipe. The lemon lightens it up.

I grill 6 boneless thighs for 3 of us. Put a food storage bag in a bowl to stand it up. In goes the juice of one lemon, a few grinds of sea salt and pepper, either fresh or dried Rosemary - about a half teaspoon of it or a tablespoon of fresh, chopped. Then add a couple of chopped garlic cloves and about a half cup of olive oil. Marinate the chicken an hour on the counter if the chicken starts off cold from the fridge or several hours in the fridge if you prefer. I start off with a hot grill, then turn it down to medium. When nicely browned on the first side, flip it over. Either test for doneness with a meat thermometer or cut one open to make sure the meat is cooked through. I can tell by pressing on it with a long fork. If there's no give to it, the chicken's usually done through.

Last night I was so eager to get to the table I neglected to photograph my plate. It was mostly cauliflower and salad with two chicken thighs. The boys also had rice pilaf. I'm going light on the carbs - Summer's coming - let's get outside and grill!


  1. Sounds good! Will try as soon as the grill is ready to go.

  2. It's so windy here and a still a bit cold however I would love to have some grilled food here too. The Lemon chicken sounds and looks wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend!!


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