Bloom Where You're Planted

The older I get, the more I appreciate the plants in my garden that just "show up" every year. The gorgeous fern in the top picture just landed near the house as a humble "weed". I moved it into the shade garden and it's thriving. No coddling or coaxing. Not even barely a spritz with the hose in the hottest, driest days of summer. As much as I love roses, they're not getting any special treatment. I even forgot to cut them back so they're going to get hacked as soon as they bloom. They live in the sunniest, hottest area, on the far side of the garage where they don't even get admired. But they will bloom where they're planted because they're in the right environment. Isn't that the same with people? I can be happy where I am - I can "bloom where I'm planted" as long as I'm where I belong.


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