He Likes it...He Really Likes it!

I've been dealing with auto-immunity for 30 years. I now have two health issues that could really screw up my life if they got going (and they have in the past). Hubs may be dealing with one now. We're still not sure after two visits to the rheumatologist and lots of tests. One of my personal beliefs is that the wellness professionals who tell us to avoid grain are onto something. In an effort to begin to reduce the amount of grain he consumes, I looked for breakfast recipes that might be palatable to my husband. Thanks to the "Have your Cake and Love it, Too", I made my own version of her breakfast cereal. Here's a link to her website: Have Your Cake and Love it, Too

10 oz. unsweetened Coconut Flakes
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. sea salt
2 large carrots, sliced thin with vegetable peeler
3 cups dried fruit (I used dates and dried cherries this time) cut up in small pieces

Prepare the carrots by peeling them and then using the peeler to lay the rest of the carrots onto a sheet of parchment on a cookie sheet. Bake the carrots at 350f. until crispy.
Sautee the coconut, one cup at a time, in a heavy dry frying pan over medium heat until golden.
Mix all the ingredients together. Servings are 1/2 cup and the recipe makes 15 servings at about 180 calories.



  1. I finally found unsweetened coconut several months ago at Walmart of all places. Today, they were ringing up at $1 a bag! I am such a piggy and have no will power to eat healthier. That's embarrassing.


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