Kitchen Stitching Episode 3

Kate and I have contributed to the onslaught of knitting podcasts.


  1. Oh Karen how delightful to see you and your daughter!! Whau!! I do not know how to knit and feel so sad about it. I can only do some crochet and I am a beginner to intermediate on that. I love yarns, the luxurious feel of some of them and the glorious colors. I have got a part time job, (just started, not sure if I will stay there.) That is the reason I have not been visiting all the lovely blogs I usually visit. Wishing you and family a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks so much Angela! Best wishes on the new job - I hope it's everything you want! And don't feel bad about not knitting. Be patient with yourself - you might find you can pick it up faster than you think. I hadn't knitted since I was a teen and started again when I was over 50. Never say never!

    1. That is true, one can always learn no matter what age. Have a great weekend ahead!


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