Self Care - Who Needs It?

My garden is still full of weeds. The patio needs to be swept. The windows all need washing. I see lots of things around the house that need my attention. I am retired and should have plenty of time. Is there ever enough time? I was having some new medical problems last year so I stopped working out in the pool at the Y. When that health issue was remedied I didn't go back. So all winter, I chastised myself for not working out. I cursed my flabby waistline, my double chin. I felt sorry for myself when I thought about turning 64 this summer. I worried about the possibility of my MS worsening as I age. Instead of applauding myself for the things I do, i.e., keep a decent house, cook a tasty dinner from scratch with fresh veggies every night, spin lovely yarn and knit nice warm clothing, I beat myself up about the things I can't or won't do. Why couldn't I cut myself some slack? Things all get done eventually. Or maybe they weren't worth the trouble. So last week, I smartened up. I stopped complaining about not working out and re-joined the Y. I feel more optimistic already. One by one the weeds are getting pulled out. I bend down and pull a few here and there as I walk by. There's no other way. I'm not going to blanket spray growing things that decided they like it here. Dead plantings from last year are getting dumped into the compost bin, their pots washed out and replanted. If vegetables don't ever get into the ground, I'll throw in some flower seeds and make a meadow. There are plenty of farmer's markets with bigger tomatoes than I'll ever grow. One by one, my chores will get done. I'll check them off the list in order of importance to my health and my family's well-being. But first, I'll work out. And enjoy the lovely things that come back every Spring and pretty much take care of themselves. And take a lesson from them.

Our grandson's graduation from 8th grade - A Priority


  1. Well said. But I still can't bring myself to stick to exercise! How did we get all the chores done years ago when we had less free time?

  2. I am surely glad you got back to the gym. We go about 3 times per week. Exercise makes us feel so good and it is like medicine for many health issues. Glad to hear you are doing well !!


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