Pretty Knitting

This shawl reminds me of a summer afternoon in my grandmother's wicker rocker.

It's raw mulberry silk blended with baby alpaca and soft as a cloud.
My grandmother was not a knitter but she tatted beautiful lace and would have loved that I knitted something so fussy and feminine.

Gram had a lovely formal garden around her modest clapboard cottage.

She'd put on her beach shoes, black shiny bathing suit with the skirt and walk the beach with me and my brother at low tide for hours picking up shells.
I miss my grandmother. I am a grandmother.


  1. That shawl looks so inviting. You can tell from just the photo how soft and light it is. Lovely color too.

  2. Gorgeous shawl, I think your grandma would be proud. I love the color also. I have a shawl in similar color made for me by someone in Italy since I am totally challenged with two needles. I can crochet a little bit. Thanks for sharing Karen!


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