Water-sparing Gardening

Cheyenne Spirit Cone flowers

Coneflowers with Lavender

Wasabi Coleus

Self-watering deck boxes

I just can't keep up with watering. I don't want to have to water every day. And it's not kind to the environment to use precious resources thoughtlessly. So I try to place plants where they will be the happiest with the least amount of water and effort from me. So the Cone flowers, Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme are in the sunniest, driest place in the garden. The Cone flowers are prairie natives and are accustomed to dry heat. Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme thrive in sunny, Mediterranean conditions and need little coddling. How it ever survives in England where it's so beloved, I'll never know.  The shade-loving Hydrangeas still need a drink now and then (especially in what are near-drought conditions here in Connecticut). I use potting soil that helps retain moisture in all my potted plants and water them near the base of their stems to help avoid evaporation. The deck railing boxes get some afternoon sun but have a reservoir in the bottom to keep watering to a minimum. As the gardens surrounding the house become more and more shaded with heavily canopied hardwood trees, more shade-lovers will get planted, tree branches professionally thinned.
Another sock finished - Crazy Foot sock yarn in the "Birch" colorway


  1. I love coneflowers. I guess the reason mine never did well at all is the heavy wet clay soil! We've tried gypsum, play sand, brick dust, you name it, this stuff clumps and hardens regardless. Very nice assortment of beauties you have.

  2. Lovely flowers!! I like all flowers however hydrangeas and peonies are some of my favorites. You got very healthy plants there. I like to have just herbs so I can dry them and enjoy them during the Winter but now in this new place is full of trees and there isn't a good sunny spot. Hope Summer has been great for you Karen!

  3. Hi Karen. No way to contact you! Yes, the pin stitch is for those out of the way solitary stitches that are hard to anchor. This method crosses several times because of the single thread and makes it less apt to loosen.


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