I'm a Maker - Now I Need to be a Finisher

Just for something different this summer, I started cross stitching again. I haven't picked up a tapestry needle since sometime in the 80's. But I saw a cute pattern with bees, and bee skeps by e-sub Rosa and it was free. How could I resist? So, when I tire of picking up a bazillion stitches around the neck of my sweater, I sit in my little sewing room, stitching away.

And here's the prize package that Kate and I are giving away on our podcast (Kitchen Stitching Podcast) to acknowledge the first 100 Youtube subscribers. I made a project bag, Kate dyed some pretty purple yarn, I bought some Cascade hand-painted yarn with an autumnal colorway. There's a bee progress keeper and some yummy teas, too. It will be on its way to the lucky winner by the end of the week.

Knitpicks "Gailileo" in the Firefly colorway - I"m making the French Cancan shawl ("Poison Green for Halloween!")

My Rhinebeck sweater looks very "worried". It's just because I'm still picking up stitches around the neck and down the front. I haven't bought buttons yet - that's next.

And in between, I'm still spinning away for "City Streets" shawl. Most of the CVM gray wool is plied and washed - and I'm spinning the merino bits and pieces for the secondary color.

My family's fed well and the house is reasonably clean. One can't ask for more than that, can they?


  1. I either didn't know that you spin, or forgot! Hope you model the finished pieces for us.

  2. Yeah, Marly, I'm a spindle spinner...so far. I've got a lot of investigating to do before I pull the trigger on a wheel. I don't want it to turn into a clothes hanger like my husband's treadmill lol!

  3. How sweet that cross stitch work. What are going to do with it? Would look great framed as well. I am not a knitter but do some crochet. Beautiful work!

  4. Hi Angela! It's a bread cloth. The fabric is soft and lovely. I used to cross stitch in the 80's and don't remember Aida being so stiff as it is now. I even tried washing another piece of Aida to try to get the starch out of it. Maybe I need to try another manufacturer.

  5. Yes Aida now a days are pretty stiff! :) I like cross stitch so much and hope to have more time in the future to work on some projects. Thank you for your visit Karen!


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