Knit, Read, Pray, Repeat...

What do you do when the snow keeps coming and you can feel the cold chill through your bones? I turned the heat up and it didn't help. I'm bundles in layers and still feel winter's fingers making the little hairs stand up on my arms like the little birds with their feathers all fluffed up trying to keep warm. I knit. And eat something warm. Drink coffee and knit some more. And wear my new garden Sloggers with socks and dream of Spring.

"How I Knit my Socks" pattern by Susan B. Anderson in " Goomy 50" French sock yarn, "Beige Print"

"Mercury Socks" - pattern by Kim McKenzie in hand-dyed Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend by KFrank Fiber Arts on Etsy (my daughter's started an Etsy shop)

"Fireside Pullover" pattern by Jane Richmond in Cascade Echo yarn - this is the shawl collar

My knitting is keeping my spirits up. I'm reading Stacey Schiff's "The Witches" and keep looking at photo's of the witches memorial I took when we were in Salem in October and thinking of the accused  how they and their families suffered. I'm on page 350 and would really love to put it down. But I believe that if we don't investigate and learn from the past, we repeat similar offenses again and again. So....Knit, Read, Pray. Repeat.


  1. Stay Warm...Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training very soon!

  2. Beautiful work! Sadly I never learned how to knit. Great photo, you look awesome!! Happy Valentine's Day!!


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