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Do you Love Springtime?

Ever consider it might be something other than the weather? I'm seeing yellow everywhere I look. I can't say I've ever loved the color. I might have even said I can't wear it. Can't live with it anywhere in the house - not on walls, furniture or even an accent pillow. But recently I've been obsessed with yellow since enjoying the dance scene from "Beauty and the Beast"....that yellow gown! Now I see it everywhere in nature and I'm looking for a way to add some sunny color to my life. Elderly, sick people and babies don't like it (too much actually makes babies cry!) Apparently, it's too stimulating and can be overpowering. However, yellow is considered an optimistic color. Ever notice how much yellow is in a perky "Get Well" arrangement? It's used for signage on streets and highways because it's more visible than white. It's been said to improve concentration - do you focus better when you use a yellow legal pad? That…

Ah, My Sweet!

I have a sweet tooth. I mean, it's bad. I'd love to buy jelly beans more than a day before Easter but I can't have them in the house. I love chocolate but I can control the urge to dig into a wrapped bar of dark chocolate. But the sugar in a jelly bean calls to me in my sleep. How anyone (President Reason, for a specific "one") can have a jar of fruity or spicy little bean-shaped deliciousness in front of them on a desk is beyond my ken. I've lost more than 10 pounds since last summer and would like to drop another 10 before the warm weather demands that I put the bulky sweaters away. I recently found a sweet that I can enjoy without guilt. And it doesn't elevate my blood sugar, inducing the desire for even more sugar. And I admit that I love pumpkin in any form, including coffee. So here's my sweet indulgence: It's called "One Point Pumpkin Pie". When you calculate the sp's it's officially 2 points on the current Weight Watcher&…