Do you Love Springtime?


Ever consider it might be something other than the weather? I'm seeing yellow everywhere I look. I can't say I've ever loved the color. I might have even said I can't wear it. Can't live with it anywhere in the house - not on walls, furniture or even an accent pillow. But recently I've been obsessed with yellow since enjoying the dance scene from "Beauty and the Beast"....that yellow gown! Now I see it everywhere in nature and I'm looking for a way to add some sunny color to my life. Elderly, sick people and babies don't like it (too much actually makes babies cry!) Apparently, it's too stimulating and can be overpowering. However, yellow is considered an optimistic color. Ever notice how much yellow is in a perky "Get Well" arrangement? It's used for signage on streets and highways because it's more visible than white. It's been said to improve concentration - do you focus better when you use a yellow legal pad? That's probably why. One article I read states that it improves metabolism. I would have to see proof of that. Yellow icing on my cupcake so the color would negate some of the calories? Apparently, yellow is having its moment in home dec and the fashion industry - used with CAUTION! However, according to Zillow Digs, home with white painted kitchens sell for $1,400 less than homes with yellow kitchens. Something to keep in mind for the future.


  1. "I'm just mad about saffron, saffron's mad about me." - DONOVAN

  2. Seriously beautiful photos! The light is so well captured.Interesting about the kitchen colors. I watch HGTV and it seems that they either like very dark cabinetry or white. Some kitchens comes out quite white after the "Fixer Uper" guys work on them. I like yellow but in moderation. I am looking for your post with the Irish soda bread recipe link so I can post the link in my blog... :) Thank you for your visit and comment!


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