Happy Mother's Day!

I have many things in my home that belonged to my grandmother. When I take them out of closets, cabinets or drawers to use them I think about her and how much I miss her. I had Gram in my life until I was 47 years old...I will not know the joy of watching my grandchildren pass into middle age...I had Gram past the time when she even knew who I was. This little vase has "made in Japan" printed on the bottom which, to me, indicates that it was from the 1950's. I remember that she stored it in the mudroom that opened to the backyard in a cupboard with other items of no importance. Will anyone care about my little "dime store" vase when I've gone on to the big garden in the sky? I hope so.


  1. That vase is gorgeous! It looks like it definitely is from the 50's. I have one daughter that loves all my stuff. My husband says he is going to sell all my stuff for $5 when I go off to the big garden in the sky! I guess I won't care then but I am mad about it now :-)

    1. I know, right? Maybe this summer I'll start photographing some of my vintage things for the fun of sharing them with my sisters like you who love them!

  2. Your vase looks so pretty! My husband will just let someone of the family just take everything to the junk yard if I pass first. I think that is what he would do. We do have a couple of things from our grandparents. Hope your family will love all the lovely things you have to pass it on to them.


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