Potting up Begins

 From left to right:

Angelonia -  "Serena White", Coleus - "Redhead", Superbells - "Dreamsicle", Cape Daisy - "Margarita Sunset" in a plastic planter I bought quite inexpensively from Home Depot. I cut drainage holes and put a layer of sand in the bottom. They all require or tolerate full sun. It's very cool in Connecticut today but it's time to get going. We'll see how they do.


  1. I am trying to figure out my flower plan for summer and always go back to the same. Your mix looks great but mine usually fizzles early. But I'm inspired to try again.

  2. The trick for me is to try not to let them dry out...and if something fizzles out I can replace it with a different plant. That's why the flower boxes in cute little villages (like Rockport, Mass look beautiful all the time.) They have services that come around and replace whatever doesn't look good. I hate to cut back but that helps also. I wish I had enough shade to hang ferns - they always look so green and refreshing.

  3. I should start that here but taking it easy this Spring. Love the flowers you have got for your pots. Spring has really arrived here in ND even if the early morning hours are cool but it warms up later on the day pretty fast. Wishing a wonderful weekend Karen!!


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