Lavender Love

You can grow all the lavender you want if you remember a couple of things. First, lavender must have full sun to be happy. Second, it wants very little water and will die if its feet are wet all the time. Third, don't be generous with the soil. Lavender doesn't want rich, loamy soil and prefers sharp, sandy, well-drained soil. If your foundation is dry and hot, living against warm brick or cement will be the perfect home for lavender. And a warm microclimate will keep your lavender cozier during cold, winter weather. Give your lavender a haircut in the spring to cut off dead branches. I didn't cut mine very much this year so I'll give it a good trim after its finished its first bloom. If you want to dry your lavender for sachets or culinary use, it's best to dry the buds just as they're beginning to open. Fully open, lavender is actually many tiny flowers with petals that will fall off instead of drying nicely in one piece. This plant was labeled "dwarf lavender" so I'm not certain it it's Munstead or Hidcote or Sarah (a somewhat smaller English lavender variety) but it tolerates the cold well. Either way, it's the best English Lavender I've grown and its compact form is lovely. When I lifted some branches from the path in the Spring there were several baby plants growing in the gravel underneath. Now I have a lavender nursery and hope to spread the lavender love to family and friends next year.


  1. I love lavender and have had some luck growing it. Which means, the plants haven't died yet. I use it in soaps, teas, and jams. It is a part of y life.

  2. Lavender has so many wonderful uses. The English even put lavender oil in the first aid kids of soldiers during WWI to be used as an antiseptic. My favorite use was flavoring for a lovely salad dressing. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I had lavender at my last home and I just loved it! It was planted in a place just like you describe....against the stone foundation in a sunny spot. I need to find a similar spot in my current home. Pinning this so I can find the name of pretty.


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